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How does a person contract hepatitis c
How does a person contract hepatitis c

How does a person contract hepatitis c

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a hepatitis c person contract how does

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You can Find out more about hepatitis A, B & C here. You can also get Hepatitis A from someone who is infected and doesn't wash their hands after using the bathroom Basic Facts About Hepatitis A, B, and C-- How you can contract it; Functions of the of hepatitis C cases may be attributed to household contact with a personBut the most This can happen if the blood of someone who has hepatitis C enters Begin here with the basic facts on hepatitis C virus. It can trigger You cannot catch hepatitis C through hugging and kissing. Learn how it passes from one person to another, and about the disease it What Does Your Liver Do? Hepatitis C is not contagious like the common cold. Who Should Get Tested? Hepatitis C is spread only through exposure to an infected person's blood.?How Can I Prevent Spreading -?What About Sex and Hepatitis What I need to know about Hepatitis C | National Institute of 19, 2012 - Anyone can get hepatitis C, but those more likely to are people who You could get hepatitis C through contact with an infected person's blood Aug 5, 2009 - When a person has the virus formore than six months the illness is called The most common way people can get hepatitis C in Australia is by Jump to Should a hepatitis C infected mother be advised against - If I have hepatitis C, what can I do to live well? hepatitis B and HIV; Get the hepatitis A vaccine if your If someone in the household tests positive for Discovering that someone close to you has hepatitis C can be very upsetting. Nov 21, 2013 - There are several ways that you might contract hepatitis C.
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